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There are no stores in Canada that sell TM guns. You can end your search right now. The best you'll find from a store in Canada is ICS or G&G with clear lower receivers. If you want an all black gun, then age verification is the way to go. Just note that new non-clear guns are getting harder and harder to come by. The vast majority of what you'll find in the classifieds is used. Even the vast majority of the retailers now only carry the clear receiver guns which are the only ones legal to import and sell in Canada.

And if you get your AV, I would honestly look elsewhere than TM. While stock they'll last a long time, they're far from being 'the best'. You'll be able to pick up a solid, all metal gun for that will blow the TM out of the water in every way for about the same price as a plastic TM with barrel wobble and body flex.
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