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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
You could have gotten a Dewat Thompson for a wallhanger couldn't you?

Anyways. If that's the case you're probably better off getting a pellet gun that fires at "495 FPS" or one of the >500 FPS ones if you have a PAL. Reason being is that the expected range/accuracy of airsoft is laughable compared to real steel/pellet guns. Once you've upgraded a gun so that there's about $1000 worth of upgrades in addition to the base cost for your platform only then will you get decent accuracy/range.

If I were you, I would get a pellet gun (~$100-200) for target shooting and Airsoft for gaming (~$150-300 if you get a baseline gun for "once in a while" games).
Hmmm.... seems acceptable. To be honest I thought the two were the same

Well I still think I should get one from Tokyo Marui. They seem to be the best. Hopefully I can find a store somewhere in Canada that carries their products. If that fails, I'll get age verified and look for some on this site.
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