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Before there used to be a moratorium on TM so.... yeah. But to the best of my knowledge that was lifted, BUT you can't get airsoft shipped in without customs seizing the package. SO you must order it through a "middle man" who does have the proper licenses to import said item. There are people with said licenses who can do that for you but you must be AV'ed in order to place an order with them since they only want the guns going to people who will actively play (or using it for a wallhanger/plinking not shooting the neighbours cat or having "battles in the street").

That being said the best place is right here on ASC. You must jump through a few hoops first before you can start buying stuff but it's well worth it. Contact an AV rep in your area (read the FAQ section for that) and just wait until they submit your info and you get into the system. Be warned though if they feel you are "sketchy" in any way they may refuse to verify you even though you are 18+.

For BB's, "BBBastard" or one of the regional reps that sells the BBBastard brand are great.

Nothing is prohibited airsoft =/= Real Steel so you can pretty much have anything to your hearts content.

In addition I highly suggest against an AEP such as the M10 and a Thompson. Reason being is that it's hard to do work on those (unless the Thompson is a V2/3 gearbox in which there are many gundocs who know them inside and out). If you're going to game it outdoors the Thompson is probably the better buy but if you want an indoor gun the M10 (as in Mac 10 right?) is probably a more maneuverable/more appropriate gun.
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