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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
FPS on TM compatible airsoft guns means nothing, lets just hope you get an aftermath gun that's compatible with TM parts, because Aftermath is using old Cyma gearboxes, there are a couple small fitment issues if you're going to be putting high-end parts into the gun.

The gun's range an accuracy comes from the tightness of the air seal, the hop-up chamber and rubber, and the consistency of the inner barrel. I've seen well tuned 250 FPS guns out preform china-clone 400 FPS guns.

Alot of high end aftermarket cylinder heads will not work because the Cyma gearbox has an extra bit of reinforcement in the front of the mechbox that the TM one doesn't have, so the cylinder head has more material than there is room for inside the Cyma box.

If you do get the aftermath one, I'd recommend sending it off to a gun tech to get cleaned, properly greased and get the gears shimmed correctly.

If you do get something you didn't pay for, give Cabelas a call, I'm sure they have some sort of Customer Support. (I find it's easier to call them and speak with some one instead of relaying Emails back and forth.)

Hope this has been helpful, if you've got any more questions, feel free to ask
I hope that ill get the good gun with all your comment saying that its a very good gun! but if its the good one I really don't know where to gun to make it clean and all this stuff, I live in Quebec and I dont know airsoft retailer ( Canadian tire but they are not repairing gun as I know..

Btw you guys are very nice ! everyone is helping me like I would be their friend! Thx everyone!!!
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