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LCT 103 Front Set for Marui

I received this front set yesterday to replace what is remaining of the CYMA low quality metal on my set-up. This front set is a restricted item on wgcshop and I had to to a TT (with 30$ fees) to buy it. The parcel spent some days at customs, they opened the package and put their dirty hands on it but release it after. When I ordered my G&P metal body set from Honk Kong, they didn't even open it.

Once opening the package, the smeel of wood ans steel is pretty strong, very surprising. The quality is very good, such as any LCT products. Now it's a front set that is supposed to fit a TM Ak-47. Well, as their wood kit that I bought earlier, you need a lot of patience, time, fitting to try to install it. In fact nothing fit on a G&P receiver (wich is a direct replacement for the TM plastic receiver) It took me 6 hours to install it correctly.

Everything, after a lot of struggling, fit very, very tightly. No wooble, you can't even moove the front set even without the 4 screws underneath, and this is a good thing.

But the result is incredible, the metal has a nice finish on it, is heavier then the CYMA metal, look incredibly sturdier, smeel nicer. The upper handguard gives and aggressive look to the gun and the AKM lower guard gives more grips than the AK-47. The wood is superb, smeel good, laminated and all. Everything you can except from the quality of LCT is there.

Only downside, the price, 200$ us, plus shipping, handling and duties, tt fees. The cleaning rod is also way to long, more then twice as long as the CYMA one and from now does no fit. I had to cut it in half to put it.

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