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Not necessarily

Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Does that mean you're turning your backs on Canada?
As far as planning a larger scale milsim events yes, however we plan on conducting smaller scale stuff here in Canada. The Western New York folks, as Whisperkill has said, are a great bunch of guys and with the assistance of the National Guard, we have access to better training facilities and mobile equipment. They were hungry for us to start a Border Wars series in the US anyway.

Our team still plans on attending Canadian events and enjoying the fun with our Canadian bretheren.

Whisperkill, if people don't opt for prepaid options for larger scale events in unique settings such as Picton, you assume too much liability and risk in hopes that people will "just show up". This is why we won't be planning similar types of events for awhile.....we took a nasty hit in securing the facility, promoting the event and the costs associated.


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