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Canada Customs-State within a State???

2009/06/11 22:11 MISSISSAUGA International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs... this has been on my order tracking since.....and nobody in Customs(they advise me to contact Canada Post) as well as Canada Post "ping-pong" me back to Customs..... either side knows nothing what's going on... and that's the e-hobby Asia I made the purchase of two M1911A1 mags... even idiot can see the mags are not for real shells...

Anybody has been through this before?

One more... BuyAirsoftCanada .. cannot find it anymore (i know it's low grade store but still has it been closed ? or change of address, as I ordered 3 sets of mags for my (not Airsoft) Beretta 4XStorm... same no news whatsoever.... Is Airsoft in Canada being slowly crushed down?????
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