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Which do you prefer?

I am thinking about buying many parts for my M4. I've looked at many sites, ehobbyasia, uncompany, ebay banned, redwolf, airsoftgi and airsoftparts canada.

So far I have questions regarding where to order from.

I originally chose EB Airsoft because of there no shipping fee. Even though there quality wasn't the greatest.
After hearing horror stories about there products and shipping service I was skeptical about purchasing anything from them.

I prefer to use all the same site.

I know would be the place to order from because of locating in the country, but they don't necessarily have such a selection for what I am buying.

If you wonder what I am buying here is the list: (I will get these over time)

Eotech Sight
Battery Box
RIS system

Which site do you prefer when ordering products? (please take quality into products consideration)

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