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Overwhelmed first timer.

Ok guys, Im asking for a little patience with a complete Newb!

I just played my first game, and I had a great time. Im looking to buy a gun. I have done a LOT of looking and quite frankly I am completely overwhelmed by all the information out there. Between the Retailers all saying My guns are the best and the players debating the longevity of the Trigger mech or the spring or whatever. Im left more confused than when I started.

Now before you go asking the first question you always ask, I joined the Canadian Infantry in 1987, so that will give you a clue to my age, and my ability level.

I am looking for some specific advice, from Canadian players, because the guys I met this weekend seemed to know what they are talking about.
  • I am willing to spend in the 400 500 range, but less expensive is always better.
  • I am looking for a gun that is a realistic replica of a modern assault rifle. (Im partial to the C7/M16/AR14 Which you guys seem to call an M4)
  • I am also looking for the best combination of Long range and Accuracy
  • I would like one that wont break every game, and when it does break, I can fix it rather than throwing it away.
  • I am thinking Electric, but I will consider Air if its a better choice.
I am also interested in a side arm, but Im far less particular about that. I just want it Semi auto.
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