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The gas ACM M500 (I have the custom Marushin clone) is the one I have. The 5-shot spread makes the accuracy somewhat irrelevant, though. Any range beyond 30 feet, you're looking at a spread of about a 1-foot diameter. I imagine if you got out to around 100 feet, you'd lose the spread cohesion to a single target. At that point, you're looking at more of a random swathe.

The truth is, they use very accurate barrels to make shotguns. But the spread counteracts that readily. I would say that beyond 80 feet, it's a crapshoot, no matter what shotgun you're looking at, as long as it has a multi-BB shot. However, that TM shotgun with multiple barrels is likely far more accurate at such ranges. I can't attest to that though, I don't own one.

Just a theory.
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