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Originally Posted by Aegiis View Post
And I, 3 for my HK 416.

This hobby is not a one-stop shop, nor a fast-food type service.

And mentionned earlier in the thread, you have to develop The Hunt skill.
+ 1 Agree, you have to develop your hunting skill. I always get my gun cheaper than other people do. Most of all the time that I show my toys and pricing to my friends, they just WTF !! going on, how can you get it around that price range ? short answer, hunting skill is need to save money. Here is an example, I just bought my TM M3 full stock brand new in box for 250 $ with 7 shells and blackhawk shells holder, deliever straight right away from sellers in Ottawa after one hour deal, basically he drove from Ottawa to Montreal to deliver the gun to me. It's about 2 hours drive.

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