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I'm new and just joined the forum. I have not played airsoft yet, though I do have a small, cheap AS handgun. I have been practicing on targets in my garage. (seems to pull to the left and up)

Law enforcement officers are trained to dig for information. They sound friendly and interested so you open up to them. When the officer mentioned that one would think there would be yellow markings etc, he was digging for information. It is his job to do so. If you were a criminal the likelihood of catching you in a lie would be that much more possible.

I am also beginning to think that the two kids he mentioned were the same two from the closed thread where the 14 yo and his friend got their AS confiscated to be destroyed. It is nice to see that most of the people on this forum are responsible enough to avoid that and not be retards.

The onus is upon the citizen to research regulations on these things. Due to the ambiguity of the laws regarding airsoft we all need to be sure not to set a precedent that will result in over regulation.

Thank you all for being responsible.
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