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Originally Posted by ak47firepower View Post
I have many questions
Do you need a spacific charger for charging Lipo's?
This is for my G&G M4 so I have a mini plug.

Do I need a different connector?

I know about how to be safe with these, knowing they may blow up if not well maintained.

I like this product so please dont explain to me how I could get something better.
Answers in order of questions asked:
1- yes you do need a specific charger for LiPo batteries
2- Looks like you'll be ok for your plug but I suggest changing them to deans connectors.

LiPo's are excellent batteries if properly taken care of. Just a point that you may want to consider, chances are that you will need to upgrade your gearbox internals to be able to handle the power of a LiPo.
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