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Best to wait 30 days and then open up a paypal dispute. You have 45 days after a transaction to open a dispute and you can always cancel it.

In my brief experience using ASC classifieds I have learned that close to half of the people I have dealt with do not promplty respond to emails or pm's (longer than 5 days). And three of the deals took an comfortably long time to receive the items.

Some of them will tell you their really busy with whatever at the moment. Of course that doesn't stop them from posting on ASC every other day. Some are more than happy to take your funds immediately and ship the actual item 2 weeks afterwards.

Hang loose and wait out the 30 days. Email / pm the dude once a week and then open up the dispute if you do not receive the item.

Best of luck. And it's always good to remember Caveat Emptor.
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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.

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