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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
granted, but the v2 and v3 share most parts and the v3 is alot more durable, the v7 would offer a more compact, versatile design.
The V2 design fits in the existing mold, from those pictures and from what some old teammate that has held the socom gear M82 they are very similar to the VFC and the First factory units which is designed around the V2 box.

The V2 and V3 does share similarities in their internals but in this case the socom guys are just being practical, why redesign something that already exist? at the cost of tns of thousand for a new mold when they can simply copied it?? When I compared a VFC MK43 vs my Inokatsu MK43 The difference are minimal aside from a few heavier metal on the Inokatsu everything else is identical even to the point of being interchangeable.
The only difference are the price, The Inokatsu being about $800 more than the VFC version. If it were up to me the Socom M82 will come with a custom billet mechbox instead of a generic mechbox with a either a V3 or V2 internals.
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