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Both AEGs perform very well in their stock formats. If you wish to increase the ROF in either gun without having to open the mechbox then you should look into a large capacity high MAH battery, something in the 9.6v 4-5000MAH area should do. In regards to both guns I believe both AEGS use different threading for their front ends as well, I believe one is imperial and the other is metric, which is which I do not know.

A few pros for ICS
Known for quality due to be a long time running company
Has a unique mechbox design that can make spring changes easy, with a small investment you can even purchase additional parts to have an entire upper mechbox for quicker change.

Cons for ICS
Has a unique mechbox design that can be expensive to upkeep if something breaks since parts can be hard or expensive to source.
Cannot use all standard V2 upgrade parts.

A few pros for CA
Known for quality due to be a long time running company
Majority of their line up comes with metal bodies, unless you are talking about their sport line series then the bodies will be plastic.
Quality of internals has come a long way.

Cons for CA
Dust covers are armalite series are usually held in place by magnets
Even though quality control has improved their have still be recent known instances of lemons out of the box.

Get the ICS, why? why not! Or dont! Buy the CA. Get whatever AEG meets your budget and meets yours needs.
There are many reviews available on the internet, I suggest you continue your search for information there.

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