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G&G GR16 (blowback) Mods

I'm so newbie tanking this.
Basically, as many people have come to understand and experiance, the pnuematic GR16 has a problem with the lower reciever once the front pin is removed, and thats basically.. don't remove the front pin or it's never going back in. Thats a ryhme, get with it.

I would preferably like to get rid of that receiver, and switch in a decent metal one. Although I've heard not all are going to fit the pnuematic, whether its because of the hopup, or the pnuematic system atop the mechbox, in any case Im trying to find out which type of metal lower receiver will fit. I assume anyone who owns a pneumatic GR16 and has swapped the lower receiver would have an answer to this.

On a side note, if you know someone on ASC who can get me a metal lower, shoot me a PM.

So any help is appreciated.
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