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For a's hard to beat a TM Hicapa or SIG226

I've found the KJW 226's to be good...they just don't "feel" right to me.

KJW G19's have been real long life beater guns...they just keep going and going.

Gremlin-lemons are bound to happen...just fewer and further between with TM GBBs.

The "clear" GBBs that I've seen so far have looked/functioned well (most notably the Hicapa)...but it's too early to tell how well they hold up long term and under a good beating.

WE 1911's are a great example of a GBB that has all the good "specs"...but are hit and miss whether it'll self destruct quickly or run for a while.

Re. "clear" receiver AEGs that are commonly available...if I'd had to buy one (and I don't so I wouldn't) I'd buy the ICS. The plastic is much better, IMHO, than the G&G's. Parts availability is not an issue...and really a clear plastic rifle (camouflaged black ) isn't the end of the world. That said...I'd be hunting immediately for a metal receiver.... If it was a loaner rifle, I'd leave it as is.

For the price of the clear G&G's....I'd rather buy a "much loved and used" better body build AEG and restore the internals.

An AEG is nothing more than a mechbox in a if you're on a tight budget you either pay for a good shell, or you pay for good internals to keep it under $300. If you want both, you're in the $400-600+ range. You'll be in the same range anyways by the time you fix up a solid $300 rifle that needs some loving to either the body or the internals (internals being easier to come by).

Just my recession adjusted $0.02...
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