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Cansoft - For established players?

So here's the thing.

I've been playing Airsoft for years, but have never owned a GBB.

I'd like a GBB and was wondering both how the Cansoft versions perform under propane and just generally.

Worth the couple hundred bucks to put something on my hip? Or should I just be waiting for a TM to crop up in the classfieds...

I'm looking for experienced hot-or-cold opinion here folks.. not a 'clearsoft' debate.

Edit: Con't.

Also - what is the major founding difference between a 'cansoft' gun and, say a TM... that makes a TM so much more trustworthy... That's to say, how much money would I have to put into a cansoft gun to have it up to par. I've only shot one, once... not enough to form a good opinion. Would it (any cansoft, or one over another) be decent as a 'build' gun?

Is it relatively easy to find fitting M4 FMU bodies for Long-barreled M16's, cansoft version?

And same question applies. Use a G&G or an ICS as a winter-long build, or wait for a built FMU to hit the classifieds...
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