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Ripped off on my FIRST purchse here....

well, here goes....

at this point, id say ive been ripped off, i bought a set of scope rings from an age verified member here on june 9th, i paid 20.00 plus shipping for them.came out to just over 30.00... its not the money, its the principal.

before i even inquired about them, i looked at the guys profile, and he has a ton of positive feedback, thats why i waited till now to post this, i sent him 2 pm's about it, and havnt received a response.....

on the day i paid (june 9th) he said he would send me a tracking#, well, ive never got the #, just a pm stating he received payment. bugger.

so if anyone knows Point_Man, pls ask him to send me the scope rings. i will wait till next week and then file a dispute through PayPal.... although he stated the paypal addy was his wifes.....i figured id wait 3 weeks, just in case they actually show up, but he's only one province away, so there is no way it should take more than a week or so.

what a disappointment, my first transaction.....
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