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Originally Posted by sortie39 View Post
nice!!why looks like a CQB version from its flasher??can u point out specificly which m4 this is on 007site?
btw,whats the M4 fullstock from??
The Version I bought was the Carbine Light Combo. It should be at the top of the page for the M4's.
This Is a CQB length gun.
The Full stock was just lying around. Its not on there any more I have a G&P HK416 stubby stock on there now. Its the same length if you take the telstock and push it in all the way.

Originally Posted by Dual M-60's View Post
Do you know if your gun is the same as the Plastica G&G line? I just bought one and it looks identical to yours except mine is not a CQB version. I would like to upgrade it in the future and get a metal upper reciever if it is possible. I would also like a metal lower reciever but i doubt that will ever happen.

All of the G&G guns that contain Light in there name are from the Plastica line up.
And if you get Age Verified Metal bodies(uppers and Lowers) pop up every once and a while.
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