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Hell yes! If you like playing "army man" and shooting BB guns at other adults.

If you were here from 06 you would have known about some of the older "conflicts" (for lack of a better word) right (SpecArms, PropScam, P. Kang etc.)? Well things have been improved. First we now have a newbie tank where before it was like the wild west and everyone was packing a "flamethrower", theres now the AV system to keep guns out of kids hands and tracking scammers, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I totally agree with everything that's changed but the site definitely has matured and with that the playerbase and community. I still think that new players who ask "the questions" ("Wat sn1per iz b3st", "how good iz dis gun", "where 2 get cheap gunz", etc...) need to pass a trial by fire to be accepted (hell I did it, I got flamed then looked around hard, shut my mouth and learnt) but yeah there has been large strides and you should definitely consider making this a neat hobby to participate in.

I also want to say, do you think that you'll become a hobbist or is this one of those, "I'll go out one weekend with some friends and shoot each other a bit" cause TBH paintball might be better if it's one of those "once in a while" or "bachelor party" things instead of an obsession because trust me it does become an obsession. I've pretty much spent all my "beer money" (money I find lying around and such) on airsoft (no beer for me but that's cool I can manage without drinking anyways and since I'm Asian I don't need much).

wtf no one said anything about choosing between booze and airsoft!!

haha just kidding :P
Underage and waiting...

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The BBs are propelled by tiny elves that throw the BBs out the barrel.
Hop-up is when the elves use a jump-shot to get more range.
Gas Blow-Backs are propelled by elf farts.
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