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Most of the WE are missed or hit. It`s mostly for person who on budget and looking for full metal gun.

WE 1911 is really suck, I broke mine like 5 mags pass through it. The common parts that break is bushing and recoil spring guide but it could be fixed back by just simply replace them once it break or modify the recoil spring guide by cutting down a bit. I made a thread about WE 1911 broke and there is intruction how to fix it, you might want to read and learn how to fix.

WE MEU or Socom Gear MEU and Wilson Combat, they are the new generation of WE 1911 which has trade mark on, Guarder parts make for TM are compatible but just only the upper though, lower is not compatible. It turn out that they are pretty good and no news on ASC that person who owe them has been broke one yet.

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