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If you think it's like snap shooting with a pump in Paintball you're mistaken (from what I've seen of paintball which was like 2 gamedays with guys using pump markers 4-5 days with people using semi auto and auto markers). You're essentially sitting there instead of popping out and firing off a round then ducking back behind the bunker.

Is the M14 really that good? I mean it *is* a V7 gearbox and those are apparently hell to work with (or so I've read). I'd think that getting a M16 and doing an SPR/DMR conversion on it to make it more of a "sniper rifle" would be a better route since there are tonnes of gundocs who know how to work with V2 gearboxes.

Also are you including "gear" in your $500 budget? You could easily spend 500 on gear and accessories alone depending on if you're a gear whore or not. Cheapest would be to go to a surplus store and buying a simple set of Canadian OD and a few essential accessories for about $80-90.
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