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Originally Posted by P.K. View Post
I was just curious cause I was at the local shop and this caught my eye. now I usualy get my bbs from HK, but today I got them at the department store. they are Crosman Premium .20 gram bbs. so I bought them and checked them out. When I first opened it, there was this gawd awefull smell of plastic poo. but upon further inspection they seemed to be well made, no seems or anything, well pollished. I think the smell is somehting like lube or something. dono if that affects the gun though. let me know what you think for those who used these before.

Normally those are the bbs that i use in my CA and i've NEVER had any problem with them. Granted they aren't quite the quality of a "name brand" bb but for the price ($10 for 5,000 at walmart) they simply can't be beat in the price to quality ratio.
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