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Bass Pro shop stock

Hey everyone,
Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong section, and if it is, please tell me and i will move it.
So i went into bass pro shops today and i was expecting from other peoples posts to find very little stock, however there was alot of stuff
they had;

about 5 broxa's - 170$
like 15 krakens - 155$
3 H&k mp5 sets ( mp5, pistol, speed loader) - 120$
2000 .2 gram bbs( aftermath) for 6$
H&k co2 pistol - 40$

i was very surprised at the price of the bb's especailly

heres my questions:
1. Does basspro always have a good supply of brakens and broxa's?
2. Are the Aftermath .20 gram bb's good quality?
3. Is the H&K mp5 & Pistol set good?

thanks for your anwsers in advance
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The BBs are propelled by tiny elves that throw the BBs out the barrel.
Hop-up is when the elves use a jump-shot to get more range.
Gas Blow-Backs are propelled by elf farts.
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