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No, they're not. Cdn Tire .12 are shit all around. They're neither perfect in shape nor size, and often have visible seams. They can tear up your hopup rubber, jam up mags and barrels, and due to their shitty composition, will leave residue inside your barrel that will build up and eventually cause jams unless you clean your barrel thoroughly every few hundred shots.

Get brand name .2 or .25 BBs for general purpose shooting. The .12 will just end up damaging your gun in the long (or perhaps shorter) run.

And BTW, "competition grade" is just a name given to some better quality BBs. IMO, .2 are pretty useless other than for short range plinking in your house. As soon as you game, .25 is minimum. And even for outdoor target practice, .25 is highly recommended. .2 and .25 cost the same, so it's a no-brainer to get .25.
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