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Pantac 1195J *56K Will Die here*

The Pantac 1195J is a copy of the LBT 1195J Rifleman/Grenadier H-Gear Vest with Flotation panels. Pantac brings us an affordable rendition of the famous LBT vest. The Original was specifically designed with the NSW Teams in mind. The design is superbly suited to Riverine warfare or anywhere water may be an obstacle.

First Impressions:

Upon opening the package the vest was shipped I was confronted with a huge pile of OD 1000D Cordura nylon. The first thing I noticed was the high quality of workmanship that went into making this rig. The stitching is very tight and straight. The Bar tacks are very strong and will take allot of abuse. Pantac has used UTX snaps and ITW Buckles throughout as well as Milspec webbing and elastic.

The Rig


This rig is designed for medium to large frame individuals. I am a big guy so this thing fits me perfectly. People who wear anything smaller than a North American Medium might have issues getting this to fit them snugly.
The Pouches
The pouches on this Rig are non removable. In a day and age where Molle vests are the norm this might seem a bit crazy but it works. This is old school gear at its best. There will be no mixing and matching pouches of all sorts with this rig. I like that, simple and effective.
Magazine Pouches

You get 4 Triple mag pouches with this rig. You have the ability to carry 12 M4 style mags up front where you need them. Each mag pouch has an elastic tightener that cinches the mags in nice in tight in either configuration. The front two mag pouches flaps are secured solely with hook and loop while the side two mag pouches are secured with both hook and loop and ITW buckles.

2 mag configuration
3 mag configuration

GP/Dump Pouches

Next in line on both sides there is a GP/Dump pouch. Both can be used as either a GP pouch to carry anything you want or they can be used as a magazine dump pouch. Both pouches come with a removable elastic retainer that allows a magazine to be dropped in without fear of them falling out. These pouches have a plastic stiffener on the front and rear and a drainage grommet on the bottom. The flaps are secured with hook and loop tape.

The Right Side Dump Pouch has a flashlight/magazine pouch on top as well as a pouch on the front for a flashlight or whatever. I honestly don't know what it's designed for but a KAC QD Suppressor fits in there perfectly.

The Left side Dump Pouch has an integrated strobe pouch on the top flap.

Canteen Pouches

You get two(2) canteen pouches that can also hold extra ammo etc. This is where Pantac dropped the ball. On the real Rig LBT put mesh drainage on the bottoms of the pouches as well as an elastic smoke grenade loop. There should also be a cinch cord on the outside but it is not present either. Why did Panatc decid to omit these details all together? Perhaps to keep costs down? I am not sure but I wish they had added these details.

Butt Pack

Large Butt pack with flap secured by two ITW Buckles. There is also two(2) flare pouches, one on either side.

Poncho/Liner retention straps on the inside of the butt pack top flap

Rain/Dirt flap with cinch cord and cord lock.

Shoulder Harness

The shoulder harnesses have 1/4" thick closed cell rigid foam enclosed in the Cordura, Alice clip attatchment points at the front as well as 2" vertical loops running the length of each shoulder strap.

Each shoulder strap is attached at the front via three 1" straps and ITW Nexus ladder Locks.

The back straps secure to the belt with 2" ITW Nexus Tri-glides. Located at the Top is an emergency drag handle that is very well secured. Also Pantac has included an elastic Swim Fin retention Strap. There should be an extra two loops running down the back of the straps in order to move the Swim Fin Retention strap lower.

Sternum Strap

Flotation panels

You get 5 seperate panels with removable closed floam

Belt adjustment
You can adjust the size of the belt by simply loosening or tightening the cord and securing with a cord lock. The locks don't seem to have much strength so a knot is required to ensure they stay where you put them.


Quality construction
Price Point
Quality Materials


Missing some specific details
Sizing for smaller framed individuals


This vest is purely awesome despite some of the missing details. The build quality is top notch and is something I have come to expect from Pantac. I am a self described gear whore and I always enjoy going over a new piece of gear with a fine tooth comb. I have Eagle, Lbt, SOE, TAG you name it hanging in the gear closet and I have no problem using this Rig. It may not be up there with Eagle or LBT but for what it was made for this thing will last many years of Plastic Death Ops and will probably change hands many years after I give it up. All in all it's well worth the money if you want a very versatile yet comfortable Rig. You have more than enough pouches to keep you in the fight with this. Pantac gets an A- on this one.

All the High Res Pics are HERE

I had to hit it with some Krylon.

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