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not a fan of the glock stock... with the glock AEP .. get some hi cap mags (need MP5 mag pouchs for em) leave it on full auto and field it with a perma grin. if you really wanna use the glock AEP as more then a close range panic sidearm... get the MP7 barrel, and the internal upgrade kit... silencer kit to cover the longer inner barrel. you'll never get the grin off your face.

honestly I know the aep's are generally looked down upon in favor of the GBB's ... but after seeing all the BS people have gone through even at a small skirmish fiddling with their GBB mags and such to keep them working, even though they were basically never used. I plunk the battery and mag in my AEP and it's ready to rock and I actually used mine. 140ft or so repeatively hit a torso target on semi ... 95-100 ft a solid string of bb's from the barrel to target on auto . mines not upgraded yet either.

no doubt a GBB pistol is alot of fun and more realistic... but for no BS fuctionality aep's shouldn't be as shunned as they are

as for the red dot and foregrip (actually back on topic) .. do they fit in your holster attached? and honestly it's up to your preference ... honestly a MP7 style lil folding foregrip and reddot on a modded g18 aep might be lots of fun
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