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I think most people here are realistic when the pre-order/order something. Most issues are more about the communications between the customer and the seller. To wait 3 months for something you already paid fully or half is something plausible and ok but to get no news by the seller that is another story.

Really I say fuck people who say they are doing this on their free time and we should all STFU and say thanks.... Well no my friends! This is a business and people who decided to invest in it by time or money did it for one reason, make money. And as many other business, you handle it or you quit before the business take's care of you.

I don't care to wait 3 months for something. All I ask is to know what is going on. Retailers who can't handle it should take less orders or organized themselves better. But I doubt this will happen. Money is more important and drive's them crazy...

And when it's time to get a refund, sellers should be able to back it up also. When you get a refund in any other business do they tell you well we can't refund you because we are short of cash? Hell no.

And as for people that open Paypal dispute after 20 days, there is a major reason people do it. You have 45 days to do it! If you don't before 45 days you get it in the ass just like me. Paypal will not do anything if no dispute is open after. Paypal dispute is the only way to back you up a little. It doesn't mean much till you escalade it to the last step.

Retailers don't like Paypal dispute system? Well don't use it because it's not for you then. Maybe it's not for airsoft then...

Anyways make sure you are organize and give news sometimes and people will feel more secure specially after they sent you 600$.

Man, I couldn't agree more with you! I can't STAND it when there is literally NO COMMUNICATION from a seller after a purchase. Yes, as you said, its not the long waiting period that is the problem, its the major lack of communication that happens all to often. I mean seriously, is it really that hard to send a quick reply to an email???
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