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JT USA airsoft mask

I don't have actual pics, I returned it without thinking, but now I will raise some awareness.
That mask costs $39.99 at all Canadian tire, I taken this over a JT paintball mask, and when I opened it... ooh man...
the goggle is what holds the mask together, the straps hold on the ear pieces, and the frame holds on the face portion, so no removable goggles for you. The lenses are NOT ANSI rated, cause they don't say so =p; and in the instruction booklet it says that the lenses must be replaced if shot at a range of < 10ft, even if there was no visible damage. It also says that the lenses are not meant to withstand 500 fps+. Yes, just 500 fps+, I didn't know if it was with .12 or .20s lol, so I got home, put it on a chair, and shot it with my ~400fps M16 using .28s from about 1 ft away; the result? A massive crack running vertically along the lens.

The face portion is some decently thick plastic, and withstands BBs fine. The gaps are not big enough for BBs to penetrate, and the entire thing is low profile enough to be able to aim a rifle properly (AK and M16 at least).

The ear portion is made of some very stiff foam, and should absorb energy pretty well.

In conclusion, the goggles let this thing down... Too bad it's the most important bit.

If I were you, I would stay the hell away from this. The crappytire customer service lady gave me a hard time for returning damaged goods, until I had explained explicitly that I had shot it with an airsoft gun.

Ooh, just to add, the foam sealent on the inside of the goggles rubs against the corner of my eyes; but then again, I have a really big head.

I also saw a soccer mom *gaspness* buy her maybe 10 year old son a S34P... It's amazing that some of these soccermoms will then proceed to hating airsoft when their children do something stupid...

It's back to the old ESS landstrikers with a shemangh...
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The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.

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