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Originally Posted by Erty View Post
The Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 is a very compact and solid gun you just have to becarful not dry shoot to much because it will loosen screws on the inside that are very hard to get at to tighten. The Pro 9 is not a good buy. There is a Swiss Arms 4X32 scope that should fit on the Black Eagle.
DONT do as he says! trust me, after playing hardcore COD4 (last year when I was still a gamer) I thought I was a prosniper! so I bought a airsoft sniper rifle..... really fun, but WRONG choice!!
I later bought a AEG and noticed that the range and accuracy were the same!!
You'll also notice that on a airsoft rifle, it's not point and shoot like in any FPS, but they are many factors that will affect your shot, and wind does ALOT!

read the FAQ....

and please dont do that newbie mistake, airsoft is not like in videogames or in real life! (dont forget a bb weighs only about 0.20g!)

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