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Tanaka Works WWII Type 99 Short Rifle CLASSIC CHOICE!!

News for you WW2 airsofters
Tanaka Works Type 99 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Replica of Classic World War II Bolt-Action Japanese Rifle, Zinc die casting - Real Wood Stock with full metal top receiver & bolt assembly, Adjustable antiaircraft Sight

1/1 Scale Airsoft Replica of High Performance Bolt-Action Rifle
Widely used by Imperial Japanese Army during World War II
Full Metal Bolt System & Solid cocking motion sound
Featured a quick-release bolt and antiaircraft sights, as well as a rotating bolt cover and monopod just like a real one
Top Notch Craftsmanship from TANAKA WORKS, Japan
Real Wood Stock
Antiaircraft Sight with Windage & Range adjustment
Top Gas delivering 410FPS muzzle power
Full metal magazine accommodate 10 Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB (Also compatible with M700 or M24 Series)
Built-In quick release metal monopod
Sling mount can be installed with any sniper rifle sling

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