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News from > NEW ARRIVAL Escort Gambaruman Target Model HIT EM NOW

Kind of odd to see a new product from escort since they are wanted by the law in Japan

Escort Airsoft Target Model, 1/20 Scale "Gambaru Man" design base on human skeletal, Movable skeletal like a real man, that means you can see its gesture on every BB hit, Handy Design, you can put it on your car / bedside for decoration, Come with Magnet Base to hold it tightly

Available in 1pcs and 3pcs package

-- For Airsoft Gun Shooting Training Experience
-- Enjoy the move of Gambaru Man when you hit it with BB, we recommend to give it the full auto BB shower!!
-- Height: 9cm
-- Package with 3xModel & Magnet Base for 3pcs package
-- 1/20 Scale Human Skeletal Shooting Target
-- Applicable to All kinds of Airsoft Electric Gun, Gas/Gas Blow Back Pistol, Sniper Rifle...etc

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