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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Well the general consensus here is just as you have stated, and that is "Dont buy from there". The gun from is the same from Capital Airsoft I believe as they are both the Well version. You say you're not serious about it, but I still have a question for you? Why spend a couple hundred on a piece of shit that will last you maybe less than a bag of BBs?
What exactly would be likely break first on it? Also, since I just turned 17, 4 months ago, I cant get verified on here, to buy better guns at a lower price. I'm only looking to spend around $200-$300. Ive checked out 007 airsoft, but guns start at around 350-400.

I'm playing against people with walmart, spring guns, so thats kind of why i didn't want to spend 500 for a good gun, and leave everyone behind, who cant afford these guns.
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