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Im not sure how buyairsoft is now or how they will be in the future since they are currently in the process of changing over to new management. However if you use this websites search function and use the keyword of "buyairsoft" you will find more than enough information in regards to poor service, slow shipping and other bad business conduct.

The item in question you are asking about is an AEP (auto electric pistol) or atleast that is its designation for its internal mechbox. An AEP mechbox is a smaller version of an AEG (auto electric gun) mechbox. Its considerably smaller and puts out nowhere near the amount of power as its large brother, in most cases though AEPs are still considered decent for close range engagements. Upgrades are available however in this instance the cost of upgrade parts would out value the cost of the AEP. The brand of the MP7 you are asking about is just a rebrand of another company (possibly well). The quality is hit or miss in most cases.

Capital airsoft has an excellent customer service track record, if you are going to pick between those two retailers I would suggest going with capital.

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