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Crosman Stinger tri-shot shotgun

First thing I would like to stait is that the gun I will be reviewing is not mine, but my friends down the street. This gun was purchased at CT for $69.99 (sale)

The gun was packaged okay, consisting of a box and white Styrofoam. In the box consists the gun, 2 shells, BB speed loader, sling (wouldn't use it for the sake crosman made it), un-jamming rod and 500 .12 BBS.

i was suprised upon the guns looks. For a Canadian Tire gun it isn't that bad. The gun is partly clear, but not too shiny. There is a 2 sling adapters, made of metal. The sights are a bit to far down. (what I mean is the front sight is half way down the barrel). The sights are illuminated, green and bright orange.

The gun feels solid. Not as if it were going to break. No parts are falling off or feel loose. The gun only weighs about 2 pounds, nothing com paired to my M4. The grip on it is well done. A rubbery grip, that insures that your hand isn't going to slip. It would have been better if it came with a stock. Pulling back the cocking lever isn't too difficult, it gives a slight resistance but nothing too much. The guns feel over all is impressive.

Now the part you have all been waiting for. The shooting test of this shotgun. Personally I believe it shoots quite well for a Crosman Gun. It shoots at about 330 fps with .12 . According to a poor mans chrono I did. Breaking through cardbord, and pop cans ( not both sides).
The distance isn't too long about 10 meters before it begins to fail, that could be from the bbs though. The gun isn't too hard to aim, although not the best at accuracy. I (an okay shot) wasn;t able to hit a can from 20 feet away.
Overall I believe this is definatly worth the money

Looks: 4
Weight: 5
Feel: 4.5
Shooting: 4
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