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Cause it's the government. They only work the hours they're supposed to and are pretty inefficient.

For example when my brother went to get his provincial ID from the DMV there were people inside before 9 just sitting there and it didn't open till *exactly* 9. They wouldn't let him in before just to get his stupid ID that takes like 5 mins to do. Sure I'd understand if it was like 8 in the morning and they open at 9 but honestly it was like 850 in the morning and they couldn't take 5 minutes out of their time to do a simple task?

Customs sometimes clears packages in a day and sometimes it can take months. It really depends if they "get to" taking a look at your package or not. I heard one guy had a package sitting in the CBSA warehouse for a few months till he got his stuff and while his stuff was sitting there he ordered some more stuff and had it cleared in a few weeks.
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