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Originally Posted by aznpos531 View Post
I fill a small box with plastic bags and put some old parcel envelopes at the back (the ones with the bubble wrap inside) and that's enough to stop bbs (0.25) from a gun that shoots about 460 fps (with 0.20 bbs) at about 30 odd feet. I do this to plink in my basement. I also have an old mattress against the wall behind the box in case I miss. That works for me. I have to replace the box every now and then, but it still works.

Alternatively, you can check this out. It shows you how to make a more long-term bb trap.
Apart from the outside environment;

Indoors or Garage: I do the same with the box and place the bubble padded envelopes at the back. It absorbs the shots and you also end up collecting alot of the bbs inside the envelope. I also set up paper targets with a collecting tray, a sticky putty target system, target with collecting net, sticky targets and I also even place targets on soft foam or oasis used for flower arrangements.
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