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like, the real version or the airsoft version? if its the AS version, which company were you looking at particularly? If you dont know the answer to the latter question, i suggest you do some research on the net and read up on some reviews. that will do wonders for you and but much more beneficial than our brief answers.
well its just the one that they have at basspro shop, and its the airsoft version. the basspro site doest say much, and the price on it is wrong, but w.e
the fps of the gun is 300, thats all i could find out,
heres the link to the basspro shop site, with the gun
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The BBs are propelled by tiny elves that throw the BBs out the barrel.
Hop-up is when the elves use a jump-shot to get more range.
Gas Blow-Backs are propelled by elf farts.
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