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I thought I had an online page book marked but I guess I dont.
Its a fairly easy process. There are a few videos on youtube, granted they are made by kids and teenagers but it should be more than enough to atleast give you an idea on how the procedure works.

The jist of it goes something like this:

- Seperate upper reciever from lower.
-Remove inner barrel and hopup.
-Pull back on the D-ring to release the two halfs of the front grip.
-Remove Flash hider
-Remove front sight
-Twist the D-ring until it and the large nut that attaches to the upper reciever screw off.
-Install your new RAS/RIS
-Put everything back together.


Be sure to research the threading of the new RAS/RIS that you are purchasing as some threddings vary from company to company and in some instances can require some slight modifcation to fit your upper properly.

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