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Yeah but CAPS is only for pistols to the best of my knowledge. You're probably better off setting up a target at the end of your longest hall and just shooting at that.

Make an "A-frame" with a piece of tarp or something as a backstop/BB catch then put a piece of cardboard and print a paper target.

Note: Discharging an airgun (airsoft falls under this category) within city limits in areas not zoned to do such may result in a fine as you may be breaking city bylaws. Just don't get caught pretty much. I mean it's one thing to shoot pop cans in the backyard out of sight and taking all safety precautions that you can. It's another to go out on the street and have "battles" where anyone and everyone can see you. Although both technically violating city bylaws the police will probably just give you a slap on the wrist for one and actually arrest/fine you for the other, they have better things to do than fine a guy shooting pop cans with a bb gun.

Yes we do play "paintball" style "wars". They are usually at licensed paintball fields which the host and a local club or team will have worked out a deal with the owner.
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