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I'm n00b myself, trying to scrounge up the cash to get a good starter gun. Been looking at some Canadian sources for airsoft stuff, thought they might help you out.

Another place to look online other than the ASC classifieds and sites like Mach 1 Airsoft would be Craigslist, a popular online classifieds website. Since I'm not Age Verified yet, and neither are you, it's an option to consider.
Prices, like any classified section, can be steep, but depend on the seller - look carefully and you could find some good deals on nice guns/parts/gear. Plus, you don't have to deal with customs/immigration hassles - just find the local listings for your area and start searching.
Downside is that its basically all previously used equipment, so it may be worn-down a bit.

Another place I'm looking at is Wide selection of guns at good prices, plus they're based out of Calgary - no need to worry about getting your gear confiscated by Border Services.
My one big frustration with them is that they always seem to have stock problems - half of the crap they offer is usually out of stock. They do offer ICS guns, but they're *all* out of stock. Most of their "Pro-Grade" AEGs are.

Hope that helps you re-start your arsenal.
In the meantime, try and get Age Verified. I ought to as well...mumble grumble.
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