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Originally Posted by aznpos531 View Post
haha I wouldn't be so sure. Kids are pretty loaded these days...-_-
Yeah... especially when someone comes to school in a BMW 5 or Benz.... (Although the guy who had his BMW was actually a pretty chill guy and not the kind of person you'd expect to roll up to school in a BMW, and he didn't rub it in peoples faces)

Mommies credit card will still be there even through the economic times we're going through right now.

Anyways... Back on topic, OP:

If you have any airsoft guns currently the only thing I can say that might help you out/save some money is read up on the laws of Canada, figure out which parts are restricted/prohibited, strip your gun down to the bare parts and bring those over the border, leaving or selling all restricted/prohibited parts in your home country and once in Canada reassemble and look for restricted/prohibited parts in country.

Examples of restricted parts. Sound suppressors ("silencers"), Lower receiver for M4/16, upper receiver for MP5 (any part of the gun which hold the firing mechanism and has a serial number on it's real steel counterpart).
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