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Originally Posted by xPhuong View Post
By the way I thinnk an AK has a way faster fire selector switch ( much easier) than an M4 have you ever tried one tunabreath? It's just up and down opposed to turning it on a m4 like a clock.
Yep, getting safe to semi and back is super easy with an AK, but getting full on an AEG (where the selector doesn't lock into position entirely positively) always takes me a lot more time on an AK than on an M4, where you just turn it another notch instead of having to fiddle around looking for the middle position.

That said, Hk and newer AR pattern controls (SCAR, etc) are even easier, as you only have to turn the selector about 30 degrees for each selection, as opposed to 90 on the M4. The main problem with Hk stuff is that I find the selector digs into the top of your hand when you're on full
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