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Depends on who you play with. If they run private channels, you're going to have to get something along those lines. If they run public stuff, then stick with FRS/GRMS radios.

On the low end...the "stronger" Motorola talkabouts are ok. Or the Kenwoods. Take a look at some of the accessories (i.e. headsets, etc.) that you'd want first...and buy whatever works with that. They're low powered but they work.

On the higher end, there's the 4-5W china made radios (i.e. Linton, Puxing, etc...). Lots of guys use those. Again...most are either Motorola/Kenwood compatible (I think the majority are Kenwood compatible).

If I had to do it over...I'd jump straight to a 4-5W radio that's programmable right on the keypad. Kenwood compatible.

Having said that...the Motorola talkabouts that I have as spares always get used by someone who doesn't have a radio. Or I run one on game control and my main setup on a team channel. So in the end...nothing gets wasted.

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