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Need a little help deciding, do you have personal experience?

I'm thinking of getting my "first" actual airsoft gun (not first in quantity, but most likely first in quality!) and I want to either get a Kraken AK-47 or a G&G MP5 (clear version). (this mp5, 2nd one from the bottom )

which one has better internals, and is easier to get upgrades/modifications for? i'm thinking of getting a replica ACOG afterwards, and i think that mounting it would be easier on the mp5 thanks to the scope mount that comes with it. and it would look cooler on the MP5 than the AK.

Anyone had personal experience with these guns? Which one is more trustworthy in battle (i.e. not dieing/messing up in games) and easier to get parts/accessories for? (magazines, etc.)

Thanks again guys! I'm hoping to get into airsoft soon enough. opcorn:
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