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Location: Charlottetown, PEI thanks for your insight. And I gotta agree...some of the best retailers of airsoft products are right here in Canada, and they aren't the biggest by any stretch.
Take airsoftparts for instance....that guy's service is stellar!!

anyway..let me clarify what I meant in my original post......
From time to time, me and my partner drive to the US for a week of vacation during the summer. Since airsoft is all perfectly legal down there, I was wondering where the best actual bricks and mortar stores were in the US. Specifically on the east coast.
I want to walk in and have my jaw hit the ground when i enter because of all the "stuff."
I've been to a few stores in Maine, however they only carry Palco/cybergun stuff and never have any extras. I'm not really in the market for a whole new gun, (not into smuggling much anyway) but I thought if I could incorporate a stop at a quaility airsoft shop into my vacation i might be able to pick up a few mags and maybe impress my girlfriend enough to get her to give the sport a try.
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