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It called a PEQ-2 actually. I already mention that simple way is get PEQ-2 dummy and a high scope mount ring. That would solve the problem easily, moreover; you can either mount PEQ-2 on the side of the rail. It's just personal preference. I like to mount on the top is because it just look cool plus I put my flash light on the right and keep the left empty. I like to keep my gun close to me as possible.


First off, I know its called a PEQ, I figured it was obvious what I was talking about, but from now on I guess proper teminology is REQUIRED.

Secondly, I was simply reiterating your point about the scope rings.

Lastly, I already mentioned that where the box (PEQ, sorry) is mounted is strictly personal preference.

If I had a PEQ, mine would go ontop as you have yours, because I too like the look...

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