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Well folks......

My sincere thanks to those within the Airsoft community that supported the BW series (those who signed up, paid up and attended BW 1&2 and for those who paid up and rallied hard for BW3.

Trust us,....those of us in Force Recon have worked very hard to plan BW3 this year including money already used to promote and obtain materials for this event as well as the significant time spent which is hard to quantify.

In order to bring a larger scale Milsim event - certain objectives and components in the planning stages well before the actual event needed to be addressed, secured etc.

At this stage and due to the hit we've taken (financially) I don't see another large scale event (BW Series) being hosted by Force Recon. We are working on building our team and enjoying smaller scale Canadian events. We will be active in the US as well.

Personally, I am disappointed and sorry (not so much for us but I think for the ASC community as a whole) that this event was cancelled.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime to play in such an eerie and cool place. The reality is I don't think an opportunity like this will materialize again and that is a sad day for Airsofters.

I look forward to seeing you on others fields of battle or training events.

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